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Thursday, 23 November 2017

MYLES KENNEDY - signs with Napalm Records! First solo album "Year Of The Tiger" will be released in Spring 2018!

First solo album "Year Of The Tiger" will be released in Spring 2018!

He is the distinctive voice of Alter Bridge. He as well gained incredible recognition with being the voice of Slash's back band Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators. He jammed with members of Led Zeppelin, he worked with the best of the best... he is undeniably one of the greatest rock singers of our time.

After the successful collaboration between Alter Bridge and Napalm Records, Myles Kennedy as well decided to sign with the Austrian label to release his long awaited first solo album.

Myles states:
“I’m excited to announce I’m teaming up with Napalm Records for the release of my first solo record YEAR OF THE TIGER. This record is something I’ve always wanted to make and I’m grateful to Napalm for believing in me enough to get behind it.”

Napalm Records' whole staff is super excited and more than proud about teaming up with this incredible talented artist. "Year Of The Tiger" is scheduled for Spring 2018.

Watch out for more news!!! 

For more info visit:

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Santa Cruz - 'Bad Blood Rising' Review

Santa Cruz – Bad Blood Rising

I have a theory about Finnish rock  & metal bands, once they have finished college they have to do a years National Service (something that would benefit the ‘yoof’ of today here in the UK who expect everything on a plate). I'm certain that a part of this National Service is to start a band, such is the number of Finnish bands!

They have been praised by Rolling Stone mag as ‘One of the Top 10 bands you need to know in 2017’ for their ‘debaucherous, flamboyant flair’. High praise indeed.

They are partnered with a new label M-Theory Audio. Previously they were with Spinefarm. So what about ‘Bad Blood Rising?’

'Young Blood Rising' gets the album off to a powerful start with is more of an anthem for the disaffected youth, aimed squarely at arena rock and a blistering guitar solo. ‘River Phoenix’ uses the audio from the police call on that fateful night. It enters into a pop rock affair that seen on the likes of Scuzz. Decent, but not captivating enough. ‘Fire Running Through Our Veins’ tries a lot harder to be different. Its thumping enough, but its like there's a formula being laid down with similar choruses to the previous tracks.

‘Drag Me Out Of The Darkness’ is a mid paced song that does not grab you by the balls and make you listen.  “Breathe’ with its whistling opener, thankfully doesn’t morph into Winds Of Change. Archie Kuosmanen has a decent voice, but this, along with ‘Back From The Dead’ and ‘Breathe’ are clearly not playing to his talents. ‘Voice of a New Generation’ is the kind of song that Shinedown do better. Its good, but it could be bigger and better. ‘Pure Fucking Adrenaline’ does what it says on the tin – it’s a Metallica x with Crue x Megadeth style song. ‘Get Me Out Of California’ is more on the melodic rock/AOR side, and after the opener, it’s the second best for me on the album, its more Mr Big than Mister Crowley. Another 4 or 5 of this quality, and it would be a great album.

Santa Cruz showed some good touched early on in their career and have had some success in their native Finland and snared some decent tours.

Glam was almost dead in the early 90s. Whilst there are a few keeping its head afloat, I don’t see many making a killing out of it. I cant say that I don’t like this but there’s not enough on here that’s decent enough to make me ‘love’ it.

There’s too much ‘average’ being settled for by labels in the Melodic Rock/AOR/Sleaze these days. I’ll certainly go watch them live as I think that some of these will come across a lot better than they do on the album.

Score 65/100

Santa Cruz are –
Archie Kuosmanen – vocals/guitar)
Johnny Parkkonen – (guitars/vocals)
Middy Toivonen (bass)
Taz Fagerström – (drums)

Young Blood Rising
River Phoenix
Fire Running Through Our Veins
Drag Me Out Of The Darkness
Voice Of The New Generation
Back From The Dead
Bad Habits Die Hard
Purer Fucking Adrenaline
Get Me Out Of California
River Phoenix (Pt 2)

Santa Cruz will return to the UK in December for a headline tour. Dates for the run are:

05.12. Nottingham, UK - Rescue Rooms
06.12. Milton Keynes, UK - Crauford Arms
07.12. Grimsby, UK - Yardbirds
08.12. Sheffield, UK - Corporation
09.12. Birmingham, UK - The Flapper
10.12. Glasgow, UK - Cathouse
12.12. Manchester, UK - Academy 3
13.12. London, UK - Underworld
14.12. Chester, UK - The Live Rooms
15.12. Swansea, UK - Sin City
16.12. Bournemouth, UK - Anvil
17.12. Norwich, UK - Waterfront

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Michael Schenker Fest - O2 Academy, Sheffield 3rd November 2017

Michael Schenker Fest – O2 Academy Sheffield

Many months ago I got the chance to review the then ‘one-off’ MSF DVD that took place in Japan. (Review here - http://www.chesyrockreviews.com/2017/02/michael-schenker-fest-live-review.html ) I got a bit misty-eyed watching this gig, especially when I think back to Cozy Powell, and thought how great it would be to have him alive and involved in something like this. It would have been the cherry to top all cherries.

Thankfully, someone had sense to take this on a wider tour. It was announced for the UK. YAY! I’m not sure if ticket sales had been poor as it was recently announced that Sheffield was offering a 33% discount via the people at HRH. Bastards!!! Not HRH, just the fact that tickets were heavily discounted. This tactic worked. Whilst the balcony wasn’t really utilized, the floor was pretty packed, and these punters had excellent foresight.

Schenker these days is a completely different bloke to the poor state he was in 10 years ago. Upon entrance, he was happy, beaming with joy to be precise, and this immediately shows in his playing. In fact on the opening salvo of ‘Into The Arena’, its probably the best I’ve seen him since the early 80s. In fact, this happiness seems to have rubbed off on all of the band. All of the 3 vocalists stints – Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet and Robin McAuley, are interjected with an instrumental classic – ‘Into the Arena’ for Barden, ‘Coast To Coast’ prior to Bonnet, and ‘Captain Nemo’ for McAuley.

Barden is first, and while he doesn’t have the voice of Budokan, he still handles his vocals with charm and polish. There’s nowt vocally from ‘Built To Destroy’, all of Barden’s are classics from the first two albums, ‘Let Sleeping Dogs Lie’, ‘Victim Of Illusion’, ‘Cry For The Nations’, ‘Attack Of The Mad Axeman’, and ‘Armed And Ready’. Such is the enjoyment, thirty minutes goes past in a blink of an eye. Chris Glen, looks every inch the star (and nutter) as he was in the 80s, and with Ted Mckenna the groove is well and truly covered. McKenna’s Bass drum, and Glen’s bass notes pummel your body with the groove. Steve Mann, the youngest at 61 (I want whatever he’s drinking!) handles the rhythm and keys excellently. My only gripe, no ‘On and On’, which is probably my fave MSG song of all of them. Gutted.

Graham Bonnet looks every inch the fashion icon as he was in his Rainbow days. The guy looks resplendent in his aviator sunglasses, black shirt, red tie, salmon jacket (yes…..salmon!) and jeans ‘n sneakers. It took him just a minute to joke about the infamous incident at Sheffield City Hall some 35 (ish) years ago, when he got his knob out when he was pissed as a fart. In this venue, instead of pulling out his willy, out came a banana. You rock guys…..! The excellent ‘Desert Song’ from the underrated (not in my house) ‘Assault Attack’ was up first, followed by ‘Dancer’ with Barden and McAuley on BVs, with ‘Assault Attack’ bringing up the rear. Bonnet is almost 70 and is in amazing nick. Chris Glen stated this was the first time this song had been heard and having Bonnet back in the fold was superb.

Robin McAuley’s voice (whilst no spring chicken either) is identical to his Grand Prix and McAuley Schenker Group days. Superb vocally, he has no right to still be this good! ‘No Time For Losers’, ‘Save Yourself’, ‘Bad Boys’, and the superb ‘Love Is Not A Game’ and ‘Rock Bottom’ covered his stint. McAuley looks every inch the star, and went down a storm. The solo from Schenker for 'Rock Bottom' was just sublime.

The encore continued in the UFO vein with stellar renditions of ‘Doctor Doctor’ and ‘Lights Out’ with all three taking on vocal duties.

I was looking forward to this, after seeing the DVD a few months back, but in reality it was much better than I expected it to be. Schenker was stunning, wringing every note out of his various flying V’s (Dean), and it was a joy to witness up close. Being in a happy place suits the guy.

If I’m honest, this is the set list I’ve been itching for on the 4 times I’ve seen Temple Of Rock, this was as good as it gets. The only icing on the cake would have been Michael bringing in Rocky Newton, Paul Raymond, and I would have desperately loved to see the late, great Cozy Powell just one more time.

I'm not 'age-ist', but I would like to state that the total age on show here tonight was 452! In fact, what I saw tonight was a band that was better than the MSG I saw on the 'Rock Will Never Die' tour in '84. Remarkable stuff. Well done fellas, and thank you for a superb night.

Personally I think it’s a mistake having two gigs (Sheffield and Manchester) so close, which is why I think sales of the Sheffield gig were being pushed. That said, at £30 it was value for money, but if you paid the 20 quid, then it was probably the best value gig of the year by a country mile.

(Note - As a regular gig go-er, not necessarily to Sheffield, watch out for those thieving NCP bastards next to the O2. £17 for four hours. Now for my next review of them in Trip Advisor!)


Michael Schenker Fest –
Michael Schenker – lead guitar
Chris Glen – Bass
Ted McKenna – Drums
Steve Mann – Keys/Guitar

Vocalists -
Gary Barden
Graham Bonnet
Robin McAuley

Tracklisting –
Yin And Yang
Searching For Freedom
Into The Arena
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Victim Of Illusion
Cry For The Nations
Attack Of The Mad Axeman
Armed And Ready
Coast To Coast
Desert Song
Assault Attack
Captain Nemo
No Time For Losers
Save Yourself
Bad Boys
Love Is Not A Game
Rock Bottom

Doctor Doctor
Lights Out

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Midnite City - 'ST' Album Review

‘Wylde Summer Nites’

Midnite City were formed at the beginning of 2017 by current Tigertailz front man (he was meant for that job by the way!), and former Vega, Steevi Jaimz and Teenage Casket Company.

He was armed with an albums worth of material (35:34 if you’re following VHs first epic, or 130:23 for Dream Theater's last effort), thankfully Rob’s idea turned out to be a trim 45min! Anyway, he approached Pete Newdeck to produce three songs for him to shop around record labels. Rob played guitar, bass and handled vox, and Newdeck played drums, provided BV's and mixed the songs. Wylde brought in Miles Meakin on guitar, and former Vega band mate James Martin (keys). Three songs were mixed by Harry Hess and were picked up by AOR Heaven.

With a deal in place, Newdeck was officially on board, joining Miles Meakin (guitar), and Shawn Charvette (keys).

Looking at Rob, the lad was born to be in a band. He looks as if he’s just walked off the Strip. That’s the L.A. one, and not Blackpool.

The opening track, ‘We Belong’ is absolute melodic rock heaven. It has the perfect blend of crunch in the riffs, and melody in the song to make it a strong contender for shortlists come the end of the year. It’s pure ‘80s. ‘Ghost Of My Old Friends’ is a bit of a creeper. After repeated listens, it just gets better and better. ‘Summer Of Our Lives’ is one of the three songs used to clinch the deal. It certainly ticks the ‘anthemic’ box when it comes to the chorus, a feel-good Summer track for sure. ‘Nothings Like Losing You’ follows on in a similar vein. Four songs in and the production so far is as sweet as a nut, very clear, everything sounds great, no dullness, mushed up sound – all instruments clear as a bell, and every single word of Robs vocals understood. May not seem like much to you, but to me its heaven!

‘Last Beat Of My Heart’ is another of the highlights from MC. The bloke knows melody, I’ll give him that. ‘Everything You Meant To Me’ shows the more balladic side to Midnite City with its stripped back sound, and will be a sure-fire hit when played live. ‘Can’t Wait For The Nights’ is akin to the style of The Radio Sun, more ‘pop’ than ‘rock’ but all the same its still enjoyable. ‘One Step Away’ has this chugging guitar sound and refrain that Rick Springfield seems to have trademarked. Rob sure likes his ‘top down Summer anthems’, and chuck in some ‘whoa-ohs!’ and the Summer season continues with ‘I Just Cant Take It’. ‘Things She Said’ sounds like it might be a down beat track, but even this has the ability to be uplifting, especially with Newdeck’s quality BV’s adding to the charm. ‘ Think About You’ , one of the ‘three’ that got them this deal, as a great way to round off a very solid and promising debut.

Midnite City have recently added bassist Josh ’tabbie’ Williams to the line up, that will make it a perfect fit, just like the one fingerless studded leather glove that Rob probably wears around the house to do the washing up!

It’s Frontiers that are pushing out the volume of melodic rock, but AOR Heaven seem to have signed up the quality.

There’s nothing new about this album as its been done before, but I do think that what Rob and the guys have come up with is an album that is very good indeed. I’m expecting it to be on quite a few fave lists, mine included.

Score 88/100


We Belong
Ghost Of My Old Friends
Summer Of Our Lives
Nothing’s Like Losing You
Last Beat Of My Heart
Everything You Meant To Me
Can’t Wait For The Nights
One Step Away
I Just Cant Take It
Things She Said

Think About You

RELEASED 20.10.17

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

The Radio Sun - 'Unstoppable' Album Review

The Radio Sun - Unstoppable

Now I couldn’t normally give a Castlemaine XXXX if a band is melodic rock, melodic hard rock, AOR or West Coast. OK, so I really draw the line at West Coast. But normally, I don’t care what label a band is tagged with, only if
a.     its good enough, and
b.     makes me feel good.
c.      all the above

Thankfully, the previous three albums by my favourite antipodean band, The Radio Sun, have ticked all the boxes for me so far. This fourth album, ‘Unstoppable’ which is aptly named by the way, feels like bands from the 70s, whereby they seemed to release an album every 6-9 months. Its probably because I only got in on the game with their second release, so what with this, it seems like three albums in very quick succession!

Either Messers Janevski, Old, Wong, and Annese don’t like their wives much, or they really like churning out albums quicker than a Koala can pop out ‘Joeys’. If you need to look, I’ll save you time….its 35 days! It’s a slight exaggeration, but what I’m saying is that The Radio Sun are bloody prolific.

Now you would think that ‘prolific’, and ‘quality output’ may not go together as quality takes time to produce. Well, nobody told these guys….

If you know The Radio Sun, then you will know what to expect from them. If you don’t, then pull up a chair and I’ll fill you in….’Heaven On Earth’ sees TRS lay out their stall with their pop-rock treats. In the days of the ‘traditional’ single, Unstoppable would be chock full if ‘em, none more so than the infectious ‘Only You’. In fact it’s the musical equivalent of the Liverpool Hospital of infectious diseases! ‘You’ve Got The Tough’ displays The Radio Sun’s knack of an ear for great harmonies. Mix it up with Janevski’s understated solos adding the right level of melody and riffage and it’s a perfect match. There’s no swiping left here folks.

‘Tonight’s The Night’ has a harder edge than usual, and is a firm favourite for me with its 80s groove. ‘Surrender Your Heart’ draws on further 80s influences like US pop/rock princes Cheap Trick. Roxus’ Andy Shanahan adds even more class to the excellent ‘Dreams Should Last Forever’ with they guys certainly building this one up to the max. The tempo remains firmly in the ‘up’ position for ‘Set The Night On Fire’, and the anthemic title track, ‘Unstoppable’. ‘Whenever You Want’ is one of those songs that The Radio Sun do ever so well, catchy as hell, instantly memorized, and a fun, upbeat song. Other bands work their balls off to write a song like this, yet TRS seem to do it regularly and consistently.

There’s a good reason why TRS are over in the UK again for their 3rd HRH appearance in a row. If you need me to tell ya, then you’re in the wrong place. It's not because they are cheap!

Existing fans of The Radio Sun will crack a fat one listening to ‘Unstoppable’. Potential fans thinking of dipping a toe into the best Aussie band this side of Bundoora, give it a burl.

A bonzer album from a ripper band.

The Radio Sun head to Japan in November and back to Europe in March 2018 with shows at HRH AOR amongst others

Score 90/100

Tracklisting –

Heaven On Earth
Only You
You’ve Got The Touch
Tonight’s The Night
Surrender Your heart
Dreams Should Last Forever
Set The Night On Fire
Why Must I
Whenever You Want
You’re Everything To Me

The Radio Sun - 

Jason Old – Vocals
Stevie Janevski – Guitars & Vox
Gilbert Annese – Drums & Vox
Anthony Wong – Bass & Vox

Produced by The Radio Sun
Mixed By Paul Laine

Released 20th Oct. 

Pre-order now and you can still get a signed copy. Just visit the lads FB page for details......

Saturday, 9 September 2017

H.E.A.T. - 'Into The Great Unknown' Album Review

H.E.A.T. – Into The Great Unknown

I must admit, I've always looked forward to a H.E.A.T. release. They are one of the few more modern melodic rock bands that could fit in AND hold their own in the BN* or BG* era of music (*Before Nirvana and Before Grunge!). Especially since Eric Grönwall came on board, as this fella is a whirlwind of energy.

I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since ‘Tearing Down The Walls’ was released! Where bands like BCC go into the studio and write and record 23 songs in 36 hours, 'Into The Great Unknown' took place over a period of 18 months, so I’m expecting great things. Dave Dalone/ Sky Davids is back in the mix, not exactly replacing Eric Rivers, more or less returning like your favourite armchair.

‘ITGU’ opens up with the wonderfully titled ‘Bastard Of Society’ and its like a Ferrari ripping through a sheet of glass at breakneck speed. Grönwall sounds the best he ever has. Marry his operatic vocals with some guitar shredding theatrics and a kick-ass chorus, and trademark harmonies and it’s off to a perfect start. Redefined is almost subdued in comparison, but is still effective. If 'BOS’ was great, then ’Shit City’ wins the naming stakes. Its full of their youthful ‘piss n vinegar’ even tough they are not kids anymore. It has a chorus for arenas and the disaffected masses.

’Time On Our Side’ is the polar opposite of 'Shit City', a positive and uplifting vibe, that just drives along at pace and is a personal favourite (so far). ‘Best Of The Broken’ takes a while to get going, and its a case of ‘fuck the verse, lets get to the chorus’ as this is where the meat and potatoes are. ‘Eye Of The Storm’ is grandiose and sees Grönwall reaching for his falsetto and sounding pretty magnificent. It's Eurovision rock at its finest, and is one for the H.E.A.T. fans to devour. ‘Blind Leads The Blind’ has taken its opening synth salvo from 'Tarot Woman' methinks, which is no bad thing. It's what you would define as Scandi metal and it’s running through BLTB like a stick of rock! ‘We Rule’ takes its charm and lead from Queen. It has snippets of ‘Who Wants To Live Forever’ and just builds to a huge climax (F’narr!). Queen would love a song like this to perform. With the wonderful lyric ‘Is the turbulence that cause my mind to spin like a sex train off the rails’, ’Do You Want It’ is built for the live stage and would easily submit to being an extended mix dance track.

If H.E.A.T. have gone out of their comfort zone to make ‘ITGU’ then look no further than the seven-and-a-half minute closing track ‘Into The Great Unknown’. If they were aiming for their very own ‘Blackbird’, ‘Heaven and Hell’ or Stargazer’, then H.E.A.T. have achieved it. They have thrown all they can at it, it even borders on prog.

All the H.E.A.T. guys have pulled one out of the bag, and even producer Tobias Lindell deserves a special mention.

 Why write and submit 17 songs for an album when you can write 10 sticks of dynamite (well the 10th song is more of a force 10). Its a different H.E.A.T. to what you are used to, but once you embrace the difference, its all for the better.

Basically I can sum it up like this….if you thought that ‘Address The Nation’, or ‘Tearing Down The Walls’ were their creative peak, then you’re so wrong. This eclipses everything and it’s their most complete album to date. Going back to my physics and chemistry lessons, H.E.A.T. rises!

Score 90/100

Tracklisting -
Bastard Of Society
Shit City
Time On Our Side
Best Of The Broken
Eye Of The Storm
Blind Leads The Blind
We Rule
Do You Want It?
Into The Great Unknown

Eric Grönwall - Vocals
Sky Davids - Guitar
Jimmy Jay - Bass
Jona Tee - Keys
Crash - Drums & Percussion

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Tilt - 'Hinterland' Album review

Tilt – Hinterland

Well….if you are going to hit 300 reviews, no. 300 might as well be worthy of a milestone, and this one is an absolute belter from last year, but it passed me by and its such a good album I wanted to review it still.

One of the absolute highlights for me as a blogger was back in 2009 when I was sent a cd of a band I’d never heard of called Tilt. It was a 4 track EP that completely blew me away. I’ve pestered band leader Steve Vantsis (Bass) a couple of times over the years asking when an album was in the mix. A random tweet I found a few weeks in my feed informed me of a new Tilt album called Hinterland, released in April 2016. Bugger.

A hasty purchase was made of the vinyl. If you’re a vinyl fanatic, this version is one of the most sumptuous versions I have in my collection. Heavyweight vinyl to be played at 45 speed for ultimate sound, gatefold sleeve with some mighty fine inner sleeves and lyric postcards. Basically before I even listened – it’s a thing of beauty. Its the real reason vinyl was made for. Enough of the gushing, back to the review.

There’s been a personnel change from Million Dollar Wound. Its still Steve Vantsis (Bass), Dave Stewart (Drums), Robin Boult (Guitars), and Paul Dourley (Vocals), now graduated from ‘featured’ vocalist to the main man.  In comes Paul Humphreys (guitars), with guest appearances from John Beck (It Bites) and guitarist John Mitchell (It Bites, Lonely Robot, Kino, Frost*). Steve, Dave and Robin have been associated with Fish (the human) on his solo albums and tours for twenty-plus years. Mitchell is also responsible for the final mix.

 Well as per the EP, not a lot has changed (in a great way!). The music on offer rises and falls like the tide, one minute subtle and mellow, the next a crescendo of riffs, and textures that just hit you full on. 

‘Hinterland’ is an area lying beyond what is visible or known. If you can’t see it, you can certainly hear this Hinterland. Opener ‘_Assembly’ is straight up in the same vein as the EP a few years back. It has a bit of an electronica and somber opening, before Dourley’s vocals drag you in to its latter intensity. Its a song (and album) that could easily be played as background music, or full on ‘open the windows mode’ for all your neighbours!! Right out of the box, ‘Hinterland’ is a song that just hits you straight between the ears with its metal-prog riff and up-tempo vibe, and carries you right along for the ride. ‘Against The Rain’ is a song that you could easily hear on a Scandi drama, drawing you into the action with its atmospheric sound, mournful even. It’s the polar opposite of ‘Hinterland’, its a prog ballad in essence, but it is equally fantastic. It’s fairly minimal in its approach, with Dourley’s haunting vocals moving the listener.

‘No Superman’ is the sole survivor from MDW to be worthy of its place on the album (I wish some of the others had made it across). Its rock all the way with this one and Dourley’s vocals when hitting the higher notes have a tone of Chris Cornell to them. Its not grunge, far from it, as this has more textures than Edinburgh Woolen Mill, and is still a fave of mine a further 8 yrs down the line. ‘Growing Colder’ is just beautiful, right from the delicate piano opening, through to the instantly memorable sing-a-long chorus to the gorgeous orchestral string ending. ‘Strontium Burning’ is in the realms of arena rock. I can just imagine this one being belted out at full pelt at Wembley. ‘Bloodline’s’ opening section is similar in stature to OSI (look ‘em up), a gentle opening feeding into a pulsating bass line and chorus, and a crackin’ guitar solo from Mitchell, before reaching its chilled and relaxed finale. ‘_Disassembly’ bookends Hinterland with ‘_Assembly’ as a companion piece – it has an atmospheric opening, centred around Dourley’s delicate and moving vocals before the song slips away via its long fade-out. Fantastic!

Think of a film that you get more out of it the more you watch it. Hinterland is exactly the same; it deserves multiple listens before you can really comment – just like a Rush album in the 70s/early 80s. Whilst most of the site and mags that review this I expect to be prog specialists, but to me, its an album for all tastes, covering electronic, pop, metal, rock and more. It truly is one of my fave albums of recent times. I cant single out any individual, as all of Tilt has worked their arses off to make such a superb album.

This is not a typical album by any stretch of the imagination. My brain has already been conditioned to Tilt for some years, so it’s been like shaking hands with an old friend. It may take non-believers a couple of listens, but once you’re ‘in’, I guarantee you, there’s no way out!

Hinterland has been picked up by Classic Rock ‘PROG’ mag for its awards ceremony. Stealing a line from that M&S woman, ‘this isn’t any old Prog rock, this is Tilt prog rock’ and long may they continue.

Score 95/100

Against The Rain
No Superman
Growing Colder
Strontium Burning

Tilt –
Steve Vantsis – Bass, double bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards, programming, loops
Paul Dourley – Vocals
Dave Stewart – Drums – Percussion
Paul Humphreys – Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards, programming, loops

Robin Boult – Electric Guitar, acoustic guitar
John Beck – Piano, strings, organ on 2,3,5 & 6
Irvin Duguid – Keyboards on ‘No Superman’
John Mitchell – Guitar solo on ‘Bloodline’

 Catch Tilt on tour in August with Lonely Robot....