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Born in the late 60's, Chesy hails from a Welsh mining village with a long name and was pretty glad when he got the Hell out of there. He got into Rock/Metal in about 1980, thanks to a TISWAS related incident (Rainbow video for All Night Long) and thankfully has never looked back. Chesy often sang solo in the school choir, but thanks to a puberty related incident his voice is now completely bolloxed, although in his own head Paul thinks he sounds like a blend of Coverdale and Dio (R.I.P). He was brought up on the classics - Deep Purple, Rainbow, Thin Lizzy, Rush, Whitesnake and loved melodic rock and the Hair Bands of the 80's. (Nowadays, he has progressed a little and prefers a more technical and/or progressive metal - Dream Theater, Rush, Symphony X, Porcupine Tree, Pain Of Salvation, Spock's Beard. He hates Black and Death Metal (can't stand the grunting) but for some unknown reason loves the magnificent Opeth! He wont stop this blog until his beloved FM finally play the likes of the NEC as a headlining act!!!

Saturday 28 April 2018

Crapsons - Tudno FM Review - Unsigned Band

Formed in Birkenhead in January and live on the radio in April! – Crapsons are one of a clutch of incredible bands who have emerged around the Liverpool Calling scene. Mike from the band has kindly allowed me to review the guys recent live radio session on Tudno FM, which is a radio station based in Llandudno, and compared by the legend that is Mr Neil Crud.

Well, what can I say. ’Checking In To A&E’ is just a melee of anger and melodic noise which just can’t help but bring a smile to your face. And lyrically it’s all true!! People checking into A&E then putting it on Facebook looking for sympathy. Even though this is a live session the individual sounds are spot on and this creates a great platform for the songs. ‘Kings Of The Council Estate’ is just superb, maybe not musically, but lyrically an absolute classic. It’s just simple stuff but it’s done in such a way that just makes you laugh, smile, and basically get sucked in to Crapsons way of thinking.

‘Scallies’ is another observation of British youth, which leads us to ‘Rapunzel’. Such a great opening riff, and the lyrics just suck you in straight away. I love how each song tells a story, in an angry way, brilliant.

‘You Don’t Know When Your Going To Die’ is pure brilliance. The way it’s constructed lyricaly against the music is genius. I really think these guys are going to big on the North West circuit, and I can’t personally wait to play with these guys on 09/08/18 in North Bar Rhyl. A breath of fresh air. #excited.

Score 8/10

Reviewed by Sty

Track Listing

1 – Checking-In To A&E
2 – Kings Of The Council Estate
3 – Scallies
4 – Rapunzel


Mike Markey (Bass/Vocals) – Andy Gilbert (Drums)

Lordi - 'Sexorcism' Album review

Lordi is a Finnish hard rock and melodic heavy metal band, originally formed in 1992 by the band's lead singer, songwriter, visual art designer and costume maker, Mr Lordi.

Entering a new era, Lordi is releasing their 9th studio album ”Sexorcism”, which is said to be their most controversial album to date, on May 25th 2018 - being an uncensored shot with a full on in-your-face attitude that is Lordi’s brand."Sexorcism" was recorded and mixed at the legendary Finnvox studios by Mikko Karmila, who is no stranger to the band being the producer of the band's 2014 release ”Scare Force One”.

The opening track, ‘Sexorcism’ starts well in usual Lordi style and is a great tune, but the lyrics fail to ignite me in anyway shape or form. ’Your Tongue’s Got The Cat has a surprisingly soft rock feel to it and builds up to a pretty good melodic chorus. Not too bad so far.Track 3 ‘Romeo Ate Juliet’ starts fantastically with a great Metallica-style intro as does ‘Naked In My Cellar’ but on the latter it’s the vocals in the verse that let down what is a potentially great song.
Next offering ‘The Beast Is Yet To Cum’ is filled with manic screams in the verses and a lovely short church organ section (which is always a favourite of mine) which works really well, and I’ll be honest I’m warming to this album.‘Polterchrist’ starts with an almighty riff underneath some haunting female vocals and is a great stop/start tune with some nice double bass drum throughout. So far the best track on the album.
As we progress, we’re treated to some great riffs and (for me) some surprisingly really good tracks which to tell the truth I wasn’t expecting. Each track still rears its Finnish doom chords at some point but this wouldn’t be Lordi if it didn’t, they work really well and the music wouldn’t be the same without them.‘Sodomesticated Animal’ has some chunky riffs again. What I’m liking about Lordi is there seems to be a pattern of heavy verses, followed by melodic chorus’. Overall a very enjoyable album from Finland’s finest. The vocals aren’t the greatest, but they do compliment the music in their own unique way. Lordi fans will not be disappointed.

Score 7/10

Reviewed by Sty

Track Listing

1 - Sexorcism
2 – Your Tongue’s Got The Cat
3 – Romeo Ate Juliet
4 – Naked In My Cellar
5 – The Beast Is Yet To Cum
6 - Polterchrist
7 – SCG9: The Documented Phenomenon
8 – Slashion Model Girls
9 – Rimskin Assassin
10 – Hell Has Room
11 – Hot & Satanned
12 – Sodomesticated Animal
13 – Haunting Season


Mr. Lordi (vocals), Mr. Amen (guitars), Mr. Ox (bass), Mr. Mana (drums), Ms. Hella (keyboards)

Thursday 26 April 2018

Vega - 'Only Human' Album Review

Vega – ‘Only Human’

‘Only Human’ is the fifth studio album from UK rock stalwarts, Vega. For this album, the guys have knob twiddled it themselves and also brought in Harry Hess of Harem Scarem on mixing and mastering to add the final spit and polish to yet another fine piece of work.

‘We wear our love of 80’s rock music on our sleeve, but we have also injected our love of modern rock music to it. We aren’t trying to rehash anything; the sound we have achieved is 100% Vega. We didn’t want to try and guess what people and get it wrong.’ states Nick Workman.

I’ve been in it for the long haul with Vega, Both watching and listening to them grow with each and every album. Vega’s train has kept a rollin’ the last couple of years, which has seen them share stages with the likes of Magnum and Dan Reed Network; played numerous festivals such as Steelhouse, Planet Rock’s Winter’s End, HRH AOR V, and Rockingham to name just a few.

So what do we have for album number 5 – ‘Only Human’. Well, if you’re here because you’re already a Vega fan then settle in as it’s all very good. If you’re not a Vega fan, where the fuck have you been? You can read reviews of all of Vega’s previous albums (and no doubt HN) using superlatives like ‘anthemic’, ‘huge’, ‘harmonies to die for’ etc. You would think that these terms were dished out all willy-nilly like, especially when it’s the norm for today’s reviewers to give out top marks like a kiddie fiddler would hand out sweets in a playground!

‘Let’ Have Fun Tonight’ tells you all you need to know about Vega, crunching melodic opening riff, coupled with a swagger and style that 80s bands would trade in their wigs, foiled cucumbers, and leg warmers to catch a piece of quality like this. Nick Workman, has grown remarkably from the Vega beginnings – he is hitting notes that he couldn’t probably hit 20 years ago, and carries the Vega flag into battle.  If not Nick, then its Harry Hess!!!!

‘Worth Dying For’ is in a similar vein to ‘White Knuckle Ride’ with its phrasing. ‘Last Man Standing’ is pure 80s MTV, and is pure Americana melodic rock. ‘Mess You Made’ has ‘single’ written all over it (or at least a video!). ‘You would think that Mr Elliott had a hand in the title track as it’s a Leppard track right through to its core. ‘Standing Still’ has a nice lead in, before the inevitable Vega chorus grabs you. ‘Turning Pages’ is one of the biggest and best songs on ‘OH’, a ballad of sorts that I expect to be a staple of their live set for years to come. ‘Fade Away’ reminds me of a carefree and uplifting song, similar to J.Geils Band, or The Cars, and had it been 1986 it would be all over the radio. Its all over too soon which is always the sign of a damn good album

Vega have done it yet again. They remain at the pointy sharp end of rock music, and rightly so. They’ve served their time, and its now time to be the big band they deserve to be. Big props to all concerned, the Martin brothers have excelled themselves in their writing, Nick Workman sounds fantastic, and the rest of the guys are all playing at the top of their respective games.

What I’d really like to see, if Joe Elliott really is a supporter of Vega, then give them a slot on your UK tour later in the year.

Score 8.5/10

Review by Paul Chesworth

Tracklisting –
Let’s Have Fun Tonight
Worth Dying For
Last Man Standing
Come Back Again
All Over Now
Mess You Made
Only Human
Standing Still
Turning pages
Fade Away
Go To War

MIXED BY:Harry Hess

Nick Workman: Lead vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitar and wall hitter
Tom Martin: Bass guitar
Marcus Thurston: Lead Guitar
James Martin: Keyboards
Mikey Kew: Guitar, backing vocals
Martin “Hutch” Hutchinson: Drums

Tuesday 24 April 2018

Andy Bob Beaumont - 'Shed Songs' Review

Andy Bob Beaumont is a blues-folk based singer/songwriter from North Wales. He has played in blues bands, jug bands and as a solo... artist for many years. He is lead singer in the blues-rock band Scapegoats and a member of The Beaumont Brothers.
His solo music is influenced by the Delta and Country blues-men, Jug bands, and Americana. This album, together with ‘Helene’ (Scapegoats) and  ‘Live At The Crosville Club’ (The Beaumont Brothers) can be found on his Bandcamp page (andybobbeaumont.bandcamp.com). A Hard copy of this album has also been released as a digi-pack CD on the Turquoise Coal label (

I’ll be honest in saying that blues has never been my genre but to be fair I’m liking what I’m hearing here. The production is first class and the standard of these songs to me, would give any big named artist a run for their money. I love the opening chords of ‘Sail Into The Sunset’, such a great, relaxing tune that pulls you towards it from those opening chords. ‘Red To Blonde’ takes it one step further with some great sliding guitar work and is another superb relaxing tune. As this album goes on, I’m becoming more and more impressed by its sheer professionalism. The production, the tunes, it’s just great how each song flows into the next. They keep you hooked for more. Lyrically fantastic is an understatement, as many of these songs relate to real events in Andy’s life, and each song tells it’s own story. ’Fantasy World’ has some great chord changes throughout, especially in the chorus. As soon as ‘Daily Life’ starts you just know it’s going to be a great song and it also confirms what I’ve been thinking throughout this album…….there’s so many links to David Gray here, and I used to love David Gray!

The album finishes with a classic get down and blues track ‘Bearded Bard Blues’, sheer brilliance.
For me, ‘Sail Into the Sunset’ and ‘Daily Life’ made the album for me, and I would highly recommend this to anyone who likes their blues. It needs to be heard, and I would love to see this guy live.

Score 9/10

Reviewed by Sty

Track Listing

1 – Head Over Heels
2 – Travelling Shoes
3 – Sail Into The Sunset
4 – Red To Blonde
5 – Silver Lining
6 – Ball With No Bounce
7 – Last Cigarette
8 – Fantasy World
9 – Letters
10 – Daily Life
11 – Bearded Bard Blues

Forever In Debt - 'Forget Me Knot' E.P. Review

Widnes noise rock trio Forever in Debt released their sophomore E.P ‘Forget Me Knot' on Sunday, April 22nd 2018 via Society of Losers Records. It' released as a CD, hand packed and sealed at Society Of Losers HQ as well as digitally across Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp ans all major streaming services.

Widnes noise rocl trio, "Considering the fucking miserable nature of it all and the fact that I'm pretty sure we each shaved a few years away from our hearing making 'Forget Me Knot' we're really happy with it." - Craig Twigg, Vocals, Guitar

As soon as ‘Without A Sense Of Summer’ kicks in I’m transported straight back to the 1990’s classic album ‘Insecticide’ by Nirvana. This is brilliant stuff. The opening riff is an absolute killer but what I like about this song is that it’s grunge but in a lazy way. Craig’s lyrics are just sublime, not too angry, almost in a ‘not too bothered’ way and it works a treat. What a great opening track. 

‘Rabbit Hole’ is Pumpkins all over. Craig has matched Billy Corgan’s sound here to a tee. I love it. Theres’ so much going on in this song it keeps you mesmerized.

Just when you think things can’t get any better, ‘Billy’ kicks in. An anthem of noise, calm, anger all rolled into one. There’s some nice solo work in this track, hugely inspired by the Smashing Pumpkins and these guys match anything the Pumpkins can do easily.

Unfortunately, ‘Chewing Bees’ is the last track which comes too soon for me as I’ve really enjoyed this EP. It starts with a melee of anger but soon calms down into a quite-ish verse. Soon followed by a manic chorus. It’s only fair that the production team get a mention here too, as the Engineer has managed to mix a great clear sound but also keep the dirty Nirvana-esque noise that we all love. I’ve got to catch these guys live.

Score 10/10

Reviewed by Sty

Track Listing

1 – Without A Sense Of Summer
2 – Rabbit Hole
3 – Billy
4 – Chewing Bees

Line up - Jack Moss (bass), Craig Twigg (vocals/guitar), Kenn Rushworth (drums) 

Saturday 21 April 2018

Scotch Funeral - 'EATING MY FEET' Review

Scotch Funeral are a one piece band who hail from Rhyl. Adam James has been making music for years but recently decided to start taking it seriously. Some previous releases include ‘Shit Christmas’ & ‘Oh Silenus’, all of which are available on his Bandcamp page. (scotchfuneral.bandcamp.com)

‘Blame It On The Moon’ has a great opening riff and I love the backing vocals in the chorus. No band here, just guitar and vocals and it works really well. Am I hearing a Ramones influence here?? Or is it Neil Young?
We go full band for ‘A Lovely Day’. As this song progresses I find myself sucked into this music already. ‘Bad Things Come In Threes’ is a great feel good song with great lyrics. For a one man band I’m really impressed and enjoying this.

‘Mallory’ is another instance of how every song on this album tells a story. I like this in music, it keeps me sucked into a song. ‘For Dante And The First Voice’ kicks off with a great riff and continues throughout. My mind is now trying to imagine these songs live. ‘Pollyanna Girl’ gives us some nice intro melodies and this song leads nicely into ‘Young At Heart And Falling Apart’. I adore the dirty mix on this, reminds me of Neil Young. ‘I Am the Oil Spill’ continues that nice dirty mix. There’s a nice but short bridge in this but it works. ‘Ruthless Town’ starts in a nice refreshing way, nice riff and again some nice backing vocals. Final track ‘Hills Around My Hometown’ starts like a very lazy ‘Rocking in the Free World’, and I mean this in a good way. Definitely Neil Young here. Great stuff. 

This album has great songs. These great songs could be even greater with a full live band. It may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but it’s mine. I’m off to put the kettle on.

Score 8/10

Reviewed by Sty

Track Listing

1 – Blame It On The Moon
2 – A Lovely Day
3 – Bad Things Come In Threes
4 - Mallory
5 – For Dante And The First Voice
6 – Pollyanna Girl
7 – Young Heart And Falling Apart
8 – I Am The Oil Spill
9 – Ruthless Town
10 – Hills Around My Hometown