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Sunday 12 April 2015

Uberkill - 'Sex On A Leash' EP Review

Its cool to be a band with an umlaut on your name isn’t it. Motörhead, Queensrÿche, Mötley Crüe, Blue Öyster Cult all do it for effect and Überkill are no different. At least if you’re going to use a diacritic, make sure it’s a German sounding name. Enough of the lesson lets get to the music

Überkill are a five piece from dat der London comprising of Michael Blackheart (v), Nick Childs (g), Carsten Hoyer (b), Graham Tull (d) and Iain Grant (sg), the ‘sg is not as in ‘Gibson’, but ‘session guitar.’

The EP is back to old skool proportions, 4 tracks, an in yer face as a rock band should be. Christ some bands EPs are longer than albums were in the 70s and 80s. Not the case here. Überkill go for the KISS method – keep it simple stupid!

And that’s what we have here -  straight-forward, good old fashioned rock and roll.  It’s all riff based, punchy and fast with immediate foot tappin’, lip smackin’, head bangin’ tunes on offer here folks!

Rock music that is accessible as this hopefully pays out for the band in question. If you like 80s rock like AC/DC, and some of the later DC models like Airbourne, Bonafide, etc., then Überkill will sit alongside these in your collection with ease.

‘Two Timin’ Woman’ kicks off like a hurricane. Überkill have four chances to grab you by the ears and make you beg and listen, this is achieved less than a minute in, with Blackheart sounding as if he has all the tools of a future thoroughbred rock star. ‘Sex On A Leash’ picks up seamlessly and its like The Hives, crossed with ‘The Ramones’ and has a swagger that only a ‘cock-rock’ tune can do. ‘Feel So Good’ is more groove-laden than the rest and it shows the lads in full flow, full of confidence. ‘Just One Thing,’ has me wanting to rip thru my record collection, as it’s a ringer for something I cant put my finger on. One thing is certain, it has a blistering guitar solo that will have you reaching for your real or imaginary air guitar and I sware you will be pulling off windmills, and deep knee bends in no time.

A lot of bands EPs have songs that would never make the cut of an album. Well there’s no such issue here, all are destined to be parts of Überkill’s bright future. One thing is for certain, Überkill will have you singing into your hairbrush in no time, I'll guarantee it.

Their press release states – ‘We are Überkill and we play rock ‘n’ roll’. As far as Ronseal statements go, this one also has it on the tin.

Score 7/10

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