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Sunday 12 May 2013

Pamela Moore - Resurrect Me Album Review

Released - 14th May 2013
RatPak Records - www.ratpakrecords.com/pamelamoore

Now, Rock Fans, unless you are a fan of Queensryche, or Queensryche, then  its possible that you haven’t really heard of Ms Moore before. I’m certain I saw her perform with QR on the Empire tour back in 1990, and that is the last I’ve seen, or heard of her until this very week!

Known by millions as "Sister Mary" for her role in Queensryche's platinum selling "Operation Mindcrime", Pamela Moore’s “Resurrect Me” is a full length offering that combines the best elements of heavy metal music, both past and present. Featuring Jeff Loomis (Nevermore), Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear), Brooke Lizotte (Jennifer Hudson, Leona Lewis) , and popular Chicago based metal guitarist Michael Posch, “Resurrect Me” brings an uncompromising wall of sound while showcasing Pamela’s three and a half octave range and melodic vocal arrangements. 

Taking inspiration from Rush and leppard, Resurrect Me has been four years (yes...four!) in the making, and is a well-polished powerful 10 track album that stands on its own against anything in today’s metal marketplace!

Id forgotten what a superb voice Ms Moore owns an absolute cracker of a vocal range. No wonder she was used for Mindcrime. With every song on this album I expect a younger Geoff Tate to chip in and match her note for note. Her voice is as good if not better than it was 25 yrs ago!

One thing is for certain, Resurrect Me is a powerful Metal album, and one I admit that I wasn’t expecting to hear from her. Also she’s unearthed a gem in guitarist Michael Posch (who also wades in with keys & bass). "Acquiescent" is a great opener and sets the tone with Moore proving she has a voice to stun, but is not the best on the album. Negative? No way, as it only gets even better. "Melt Into You", gives her the chance to stretch her vocal cords even more, with Posch adding riffs equally to Moore's dexterity. "Paranoia" (new video and single) is the most subdued song so far. I expect her to let rip at some stage but it never happens. "We Are Damaged" again has Posch to thank for yet another powerful riff. Title track "Resurrect Me", drops the frenetic pace a little, proving to be the dark and moody ballad of the album, picking up the attack in the second half. 

Ralf Scheepers of Primal Fear joins Pamela for a duet on the thumping "The Sky Is Falling", and we have Jeff Loomis (Nevermore) adding his skills to the guitar solo on "Awakening", with Moore yet again unleashing her force 

Resurrect Me is a mighty fine Metal album. It makes me want to get my mitts on her back catalogue. Not just for fans of QR, but for fans of powerful riffs, and a vocal performance that few people in the world can match

For me now, there’s only one Queensryche, and its the one that had to cancel their UK tour recently - only to return in Oct. Wouldn't it be rather splendid if someone had the great idea to put Pamela Moore on as the support, and appear in the main event! Now that would be something special

PS I don't know how old Ms Moore is, but judging by the pics on the CD, she looks bloody fantastic!

Official release date is set for Tuesday May 14th, 2013. If you’re quick, ‘’Resurrect Me’’ is available in a few nice little packages from RatPack Records which includes a full colour lyric and photo booklet, signed pic, tour t-shirt, stickers, and a personal thank you call from the Metal diva herself (only 25 available!)

Score 90/100

Resurrect Me Teaser Linkhttp://youtu.be/tJhqHG55fJg

Paranoia -  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIe9dApQTis


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