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Wednesday 24 April 2013

Vega - What The Hell Album Review


I know reviewing is open to interpretation, or misinterpretation for a few. You see, I’ve been trawling thru some reviews just to check if my personal lack of opinion is correct or not. For all I know I’m writing for about 30 people, I have no idea, but there's a few out there that haven’t liked What The Hell, and I just don’t understand what they hear that’s different to me

I’ve loved Melodic Rock/Classic Rock since I was 12 yrs old, and have loved the likes of Journey, Foreigner, and some lesser known, but equally talented bands – Joshua, Only Child, Icon. I could go on…quite a bit. Vega fall (for me anyway) clearly in this category.

I liked their debut, 'Kiss of Life', quite a bit. But in comparison, 'WTH' makes it look almost pedestrian in comparison. Vega this time round have a formula, that bloody works! Forget the odd cack song, Vega have definitely gone for the jugular and try to make every song a ‘’single’’,”anthem”, or a song just fit for an arena setting

Vega didn’t have the best of experiences with Frontiers for their debut, and the new album speaks volumes for their attitude with them. 'What The Hell' typifies their sound, all out stadium rock, finely crafted - with more hooks than a fishing tackle shop!!

Instantly memorable – songs like ‘What The hell’, ‘White Knuckle Ride’ and   are the equivalent of getting the chance to lick body chocolate off Kelly Brook’s knockers. And that’s something many a hot blooded male (and possibly some females) wouldn’t forget in a hurry! ‘WTH’ is sooo Def Leppard, that when he heard the songs (as reported elsewhere) Joe Elliott must have thought he’s written and recorded it in the past. They should have called it (WTH) the ‘Whoa, wooaas’ as there’s plenty of it scattered around. Take ‘Not There For You Tonight’, as a prime example. ‘Raise Your Game’ has a similar riff to Rainbow’s ‘Stranded’ crossed with Billy Idol.

A lot of bands overload the first half with great songs, but in Vega’s case they turn it up a notch for the last quarter in the most excellent ‘Saviour’ which has a bit of U2 thrown in for good measure, and album closer, and definite encore material, ‘Hands in the Air’.

Nick Workman's voice and the Martin brothers songwriting really hold the key to Vegas future. Excellently performed, produced and written. Leading the way for British anthemic rock since 2009!

I think that if Vega had settled on 10-12 songs instead of 14, we would be sitting on a classic in the modern, or any other era. As its 14 well crafted songs we will just have to settle on damned good instead!

Score 90/100

Audeat Samniare
White Knuckle Ride
What The Hell
Not There For You
Raise Ya Game
Fade In To The Flames
You Can’t Run
Bless My Soul
She Walks Alone
Turn It On
It’s Gonna Be Alright
Hands In the Air

Vega are

Nick Workman – Vocals
Tom Martin – Guitar /Bass
Dan Chantrey – Drums
James Martin – Synth

Rob Wylde – Bass (RYG,BMS, S)
Nick Horne – Lead Guitar on all except GBA
Alex Davies – Lead Guitar on GBA



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