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Born in the late 60's, Chesy hails from a Welsh mining village with a long name and was pretty glad when he got the Hell out of there. He got into Rock/Metal in about 1980, thanks to a TISWAS related incident (Rainbow video for All Night Long) and thankfully has never looked back. Chesy often sang solo in the school choir, but thanks to a puberty related incident his voice is now completely bolloxed, although in his own head Paul thinks he sounds like a blend of Coverdale and Dio (R.I.P). He was brought up on the classics - Deep Purple, Rainbow, Thin Lizzy, Rush, Whitesnake and loved melodic rock and the Hair Bands of the 80's. (Nowadays, he has progressed a little and prefers a more technical and/or progressive metal - Dream Theater, Rush, Symphony X, Porcupine Tree, Pain Of Salvation, Spock's Beard. He hates Black and Death Metal (can't stand the grunting) but for some unknown reason loves the magnificent Opeth! He wont stop this blog until his beloved FM finally play the likes of the NEC as a headlining act!!!

Tuesday 7 July 2015

Kelly Keeling - Mind Radio Album review

Well-known to melodic rock aficionados, Keeling has a decent pedigree with namely Baton Rouge, Heaven & Earth, TSO, work with Schenker, Norum etc, and Blue Murder on his extensive CV.  All in all, he has appeared or written songs on 60 albums! His excellent Red Zone Rider album was one of the highlights of 2014. 2015 sees him shacked up in the Frontier stable with the Frontiers ‘go-to’ guy, Alessandro Del Vecchio

Mind Radio gets off to a great start with the energetic up-tempo ‘This Love Is Our Paradise’ and the pacey  ‘Isolated Man’.  The decent pace continues thru the first half of Mind Radio with ‘Sunshine Over Me’ the best of the bunch. Once the second half hits its more music by numbers and sees a dip in quality, which is unusual considering the talents of Keeling and Del Vecchio. God only knows what the fuck they were thinking of with the god-awful Monkey House, a whiney, mess of a song.

Red Zone Rider is an album that I turn back to frequently, but sadly Mind Radio isn’t one to have repeated listens beyond 3 or 4 tracks

Score 65/100

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