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Friday 16 February 2018

SAXON Re-release First Three Albums on March 30th 2018

** Re-Issue Album Release ****** Re-Issue Album Release **


Saxon, over the decades have gone from being pioneers of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, to becoming one of the most successful UK rock acts of all time. The truth, though, is that Saxon have always transcended trends and eras. From 1979's 'Saxon' album to new album ‘Thunderbolt’, the band have enjoyed considerable success. Five Top 40 albums in the UK, with four Top 20 singles. And they were similarly successful in other parts of the world as well. It's no wonder their influence spread across the globe, and played a crucial role in the way we look at hard rock and heavy metal today.


Saxon’s self-titled debut album was originally released on 21st May 1979 and is arguably the first NWOBHM album to be committed to tape. It took the new sound of NWOBHM and paired it up with their early progressive and glam rock influences. It was the band in their infancy but ultimately put them on the map as one of the bands spearheading the heavy metal revival that was sweeping the nation at that the end of the seventies. This version includes their early demo when the band were called Son Of A Bitch, some early BBC session tracks and some live songs from the inaugural Monsters of Rock festival.

Both CD & LP contain original lyrics, rare photos & memorabilia. The vinyl versions will be coloured splatter/swirl vinyl. The CD version will be a 24 page media book.Tracklist:
1. Rainbow Theme
2. Frozen Rainbow
3. Big Teaser
4. Judgement Day
5. Stallions Of The Highway
6. Backs To The Wall
7. Still Fit To Boogie
8. Militia Guard
CD Bonus Tracks
9. Big Teaser (demo 1978)
10. Stallions Of The Highway (demo 1978)
11. Backs To The Wall (demo 1978)
12. Rainbow Theme (demo 1978)
13. Frozen Rainbow (demo 1978)
14. Backs To The Wall (BBC session 1980)
15. Stallions Of The Highway (BBC session 1980)
16. Motorcycle Man (BBC session 1980)
17. Still Fit To Boogie (BBC session 1980)
18. 747 (Strangers In The Night) (BBC session 1980)
19. Judgement Day (BBC session 1980)
20. Still Fit To Boogie (Live at Donington 1980)
21. Backs To The Wall (BBC session 1980)
22. Stallions Of The Highway (BBC session 1980)


Saxon’s second album, Wheels Of Steel was originally released in 1980 and propelled the band to stardom, going gold in the UK and spawning two top 40 singles – ‘747 (Strangers In The Night) and Wheels Of Steel’, which have remained live favourites to this day. Wheels Of Steel is hailed as a heavy metal classic and a genre defining moment. This version includes some rare demos and live tracks from the inaugural Monsters Of Rock festival, held at Castle Donington in 1980.

Both CD & LP contain original lyrics, rare photos & memorabilia. The vinyl versions will be coloured splatter/swirl vinyl. The CD version will be a 24 page media book.
1. Motorcycle Man
2. Stand Up And Be Counted
3. 747 (Strangers In The Night)
4. Wheels Of Steel
5. Freeway Mad
6. See The Light Coming
7. Street Fighting Gang
8. Suzie Hold On
9. Machine Gun
CD Bonus Tracks
10. Suzie Hold On (1980 demo rehearsals)
11. Wheels Of Steel (1980 demo rehearsals)
12. Stallions Of The Highway (Live B-side)
13. Motorcycle Man (Live at Donington 1980)
14. Freeway Mad (Live at Donington 1980)
15. Wheels Of Steel (Live at Donington 1980)
16. 747 (Strangers In The Night) (Live at Donington 1980)
17. Machine Gun (Live at Donington 1980)


Strong Arm of The Law was originally released in 1980, a mere six months after Saxon’s second album Wheels Of Steel to capitalise on the bands rollercoaster success. Like its predecessor this album is heralded as a timeless, heavy metal classic and many of its songs remain live favourites today, over 30 years after its initial release. This version includes a BBC session, some remixes and an early demos.

Both CD & LP contain original lyrics, rare photos & memorabilia. The vinyl versions will be coloured splatter/swirl vinyl. The CD version will be a 24 page media book.
1. Heavy Metal Thunder
2. To Hell And Back Again
3. Strong Arm Of The Law
4. Taking Your Chances
5. 20,000 FT
6. Hungry Years
7. Sixth Form Girls
8. Dallas 1PM
CD Bonus Tracks
9. 20,000 FT (BBC session 1982)
10. Dallas 1PM (BBC session 1982)
11. The Eagle Had Landed (BBC session 1982)
12. 747 (Strangers In The Night) (BBC session 1982)
13. To Hell And Back Again (Abbey Road mix)
14. 20,000FT (Abbey Road mix)
15. Mandy (Early version of Sixth Form Girls)
16. Heavy Metal Thunder (Abbey Road mix)

You can pre-order the albums now from https://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/saxon-reissues

Check out this short video teaser: https://youtu.be/8OjG_bqIiZU

Out on 30th March

Saxon – Saxon

Saxon – Wheels Of Steel

Saxon – Strong Arm Of The Law

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