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Sunday 14 July 2013

Mystery - 2013 Album Review


I love it when bands love the very same music that I’ve loved for the past 30-odd years. Especially when its done by basically what is a bunch of kids not long out of nappies! If you love bands like Dio, Twisted Sister, WASP etc etc, then really look not further than Mystery. It’s classic 80’s hard rock from the youngest international touring band from Australia. Produced by Stu Marshall (Death Dealer, Dungeon, and the marvellous Empires of Eden), the album combines the sounds of those above aforementioned bands, and they will not be a Mystery for long! 

The band formed officially at the very beginning of 2010 after thirteen (!!) year old Rocky Ravic met twelve (!!!!!) year old Tony Mlikota. Rocky was then introduced to twelve year old Kris Laccino who was a school friend of Tony. Kris and Tony would jam together and formed their very own band MYSTERY. In the latter part of 2010, twelve year old Josh Scarpaci completed the line-up. Only several weeks later the band performed their debut show at CroktoberFest in Melbourne.

 In late 2010, MYSTERY recorded their first demo single ‘Rock’n’Roll Forever Be’ which was mixed by internationally renowned Stu Marshall of DEATH DEALER. He was so impressed that he offered to produce a debut album for the teenage band.

The band started the recordings in late 2011, after filming a professional music video for their first single which was Co-Directed by the prominant Filmmakers Steve Ravic of Majestic Film and Hollywood based motion picture maker Neil Johnson. The professional approach was justified with their extremely successful back to back live shows in November 2011 on the main stage at Federation Square in the centre of the city of Melbourne.
In 2012 the band played some big festivals in Europe with bands like MANOWAR and NIGHTWISH as well as a few club shows in Germany and the US!

In spring 2013 Mystery toured Japan with bands like AT VANCE, KISSIN’ DYNAMITE and JADED HEART followed by a tour in the US in May, where they played the famous Rocklahoma Festival (GUNS N’ ROSES, ALICE IN CHAINS and more) besides several club shows.
They have the image, the right mentor in Marshall, but do they have the music to go with it? 

Well, for a bunch of (hardly) teenagers, they are pretty damned good. Whilst the music is nowhere near perfect, they have the swagger and attitude than many an established band wished they had, and then some! Its more ‘sleaze-rock than outright metal, and Mystery come across more Faster Pussycat and Hanoi Rocks than Quiet Riot. In saying that, on the very first listen they piss all over Faster Pussycat were in their alleged heyday

With songs like the riff-tastic ‘Raise Your Fist’ which is as anthemic as Twisted Sister ever got, to the Motley Crue musings of ‘Freedom’ Ravic and the lads have gotten themselves off to a great start. Where Metal is more about the attitude, Mystery have this in spades, whilst not the greatest singer out there, I’m certain Rocky Ravic will progress to do some decent things in the years to come. I’m certainly impressed with the playing from all concerned as all play like pro’s, with the guitar work particularly of note

Mystery throw in a couple of homage’s/covers at the end, with Dio’s ‘Stand Up And Shout’ an impressive version of one of my all time fave song’s (well done lads!), and a metalled up version of the Aussie fave, Men At Work’s ‘Land Down Under’ given the works.

Mystery have a very bright future in front of them. Once they knuckle down and get a bit more wisdom and experience under their belt, they will be a force to be reckoned with. I’ve seen the future, and its no Mystery as to who will fronting Aussie rock for years to come

If I was any of these kids dad, I would be very fucking proud indeed, and I can’t give them a better reference than that

Score 70/100


2013: A New Dawn
Raise Your Fist
Nonstop To Nowhere
Test Of Time
On Fire
Rock 'n' Roll Forever Be
Lost In Time
Stand Up And Shout 
Land Down Under

Rocky Ravic – Vocals & Guitar
Kris Iaccino – Guitar
Josh Scarpaci – Bass
Tony Mlikota – Drums

2013 (2013)



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