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Monday 18 July 2011

Random Rant (No.2 Ticketmaster) Arrrgggggghh!

Now I dont have much option here as Ticketmaster are probably the best of a bad bunch. I have tried lots of others (Eventim/See Tickets/Ticketline etc) and whilst have all proven to be OK, I have had some nervous periods awaiting my tickets to arrive. Whereas generally with TM I rarely have to wait more than a couple of weeks for my tickets. Which is good.

My real gripes are concerning allocation of tickets, handling fees, postage charges, charges in general

1. Tickets
Usually a group of us travel together to see gigs, and in some instances that can mean 6-10 of us wanting to see the same gig. Rather than all buying separately, I try to purchase the tickets so we can all be together. I'm talking MEN/Apollo here, and not the Manchester academies where the only option is to stand.

Anywho, I wanted 7 tickets recently for Rammstein (I have a big chip regarding Rammstein tickets). The past twice I have received tickets and we have actually been behind the fuckin band! Theres no apologies from MEN or Ticketmaster as I feel that these tickets should only be offered as a last minute and not a early bird offer. At least they should be offered with a warning!

I couldnt buy 7 tickets so I bought in groups of 4 and 3. I opened two tabs on my computer, and bought both sets of tickets within seconds of each other. Both were for the same block but one batch of seats were in Lower Block Row E, the set of 4 in the same block, but row V. What the fuck is that all about

More importantly, why is it not possible to buy the tickets that you actually want. I recently had the best seats ever for Journey recently but this must have been a fluke, as all the other gigs I attend, its a pure lottery for the allocation of your ticket

2. Fees in general
My biggest issue with Ticketmaster. I recently bought 8 tickets for Alter Bridge. Thankfully I could buy 6 for seating, and my son and his mate wanted to be on the floor. The ticket prices were the same, but the handling and postage fees were more expensive for standing tickets than for seated!! WTF!

The seated tickets cost £2 (std Post Office price). I didnt think my tickets were made of a precious metal to attain a cost of £2. The standing tickets postage charge was a whopping £5 recorded delivery. WHY? What is so fucking different to charge £3 more for standing ticket postage over seated. I was expecting a team of naked vestal virgins to deliver the ticket on a velvet cushion whilst sat on white Arabian Stallions, and get a BJ out of my £5

Also why do they charge you £2 to do all of their bastard work for them and print your own tickets out at home.

Pearl Jam were right...FUCK Ticketmaster!

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